Birthday Party Photographer

Merle's 60th Surprise Birthday

This was insane.  Like one of the coolest surprise parties I've ever been a part of.  Janine wanted to give her partner Merle the best 60th birthday party ever.  And I think she succeeded!  She hired the super talented team at WM Events to coordinate, decorate, and plan this fantastic evening for her love.  It started with limo service to the airport to take a private helicopter ride of the city!  Merle had NO idea of what was happening as they landed on the rooftop space of Ventanas to be welcomed by all of her friends and family!  Merle's precious grandson greeted her as she came down the stairs with flowers.  Her face and reaction says it all.  The evening continued with amazing food, live music, and two DJ's spinning.  What a super fun night, and great way to kick off a year for Merle!  Way to go WM and Janine for pulling this surprise off!