Outdoor Weddings

Raschelle & Marck

Hottie alert. Scroll through the images below if you can stand the heat! Raschelle and Mark tied the knot at the beautiful Villa Serena outside in the round! I love when couples choose to do something a little different. They also did a first look which was super awesome! You can just tell that these two are made for each other! Raschelle did a dress change for the reception and then they danced the night away!

Lindsay & Corey

Lindsay and Corey chose the spectacular Ventanas Atlanta to host their wedding day. This is our second time being a part of this awesome family with wedding days. We shot Lindsay’s sister’s wedding a couple years back. Always fun to get to see our awesome clients again! This venue is amazing. Breathtaking views of the city of Atlanta surround you in floor to ceiling glass walls, with an awesome patio and a helipad that you can take photos on. Can’t get much more swanktified than that! It rained a good bit during the morning, so we were visited by a beautiful rainbow for the ceremony! How cool is that! Congrats guys!

Abi & Adam

This wedding was a first for me.  And I love this couple for doing what speaks to them!  If anyone knows me well, I love all things cemeteries, Dia de los muertos, sugar skulls, Halloween, all of those awesome things.  So when I got contacted by Abi and she said they were getting married on Friday the 13th, in October (my favorite month, hello Halloween!) in Oakland Cemetery, in an black and purple dress, I was like STOP IT!  These guys did exactly what they wanted, and got married in front of one of the beautiful Mausoleums inside Oakland with just their parents and their two adorable kiddos in attendance.  They hosted a super fun party at 5 Seasons Brewery the next day for all their friends to come and party with them.  HOW FUN IS THIS GUYS?

Kadie & Brandon

Oh what fun this day was!!!  I love when couple's choose venues that are a little outside of the box, and just have fun (or as Kadie said all day, you do you!).  Kadie and Brandon chose the super cool restaurant of Empire State South to host their reception.  The restaurant is situated next to a green outdoor space that is shared by a couple of hotels and offices, so they chose to have the ceremony and dancing there!  The weather was super uncertain all day, but cleared up just before all the action!